AGB / Terms & Conditions

Alle gezeigten Modelle sind geistiges Eigentum von NAT Ki Art. Sie dürfen nur mit schriftlich abgesegneter Genehmigung reproduziert werden.

Alle Resins werden als Vollguss und aus weißem Resin gegossen. Sie sind im Kern mit Draht verstärkt.

Alle Preise verstehen sich inklusive Porto. Der Versand erfolgt verischert per DHL. Versand weltweit.


Was bedeutet der "Status" eines Resins?

auf Lager- das Modell ist auf Lager und kann innerhalb weniger Tage versendet werden.

bestellbar  - das Modell ist gerade nicht auf Lager, wird aber derzeit neu gegossen und in wenigen Wochen versandtfertig sein.

vorbestellbar - das Original-Modell wird derzeit noch abgeformt und später gegossen. Dieser Prozess dauert einige Monate. Vorbesteller können ihren Abguss solange vergünstigt vorbestellen und erhalten Abgüsse einige Monate vor allen anderen Bestellern.

Der Sendungsstatus meines Pakets ändert sich nicht - was nun?

Manchmal hängen Pakete irgendwo fest. Sollte sich der Status eures Pakets innerhalb 1 Woche nicht ändern, bitte kontaktiert mich und ich werde versuchen, herauszufinden, wo sich euer Paket gerade befindet.

Wichtig: von Dezember-Januar gelten bei der Post gesonderte Bedingungen - hier kann der Versand schonmal 2-3 Wochen dauern!

Mein Modell kam beschädigt an - erhalte ich eine Erstattung?

Sollte euer Modell beschädigt ankommen, teilt mir dies innerhalb von 5 Tagen nach Erhalt mit und schickt Fotos von Modell und Paketbox. Wichtig: es ist absolut erforderlich, dass ihr den Schaden innerhalb von 5 Tagen bei mir meldet, sofern ihr eine Erstattung wollt! Die Deutsche Post ist sehr streng was Schadensersatzforderungen angeht! Wer zu spät meldet, bekommt gar nichts.

Mein Paket ist nicht angekommen - was nun?

Selten verschwinden Pakete, aber es kommt vor. Sollte sich der Status eures Pakets länger nicht geändert haben, stelle ich bei der Post einen Nachforschungsantrag. Dies kann weitere 14 Tage andauern. Sollte das Paket bei der Post am Ende wirklich als "verloren" gelten, erhaltet ihr von mir natürlich eine Erstattung innerhalb von 14 Tagen.

****************   International Customers   *****************

All models shown on this websites are property of NAT Ki Art. You are not permitted to reproduce any of these models without being granted permission by NAT Ki Art.

All Resins are solid casts made of white resin and with wire-reinforced legs and tails.


All prices include shipping costs. Please note that shippings costs vary depending on your destination county.

Will ship worldwide. All boxes are shipped insured with tracking number!


International customers can send Payment via Paypal. NO fees apply. I will send an invoice after receiving your oder.

Time-payments accepted upon request. Time-payments are available with deposit only.

Custom duties:

Please note: customs usually apply custom fees on international orders. So, please consider that you may have to pay taxes when receiving your item or that you may even have to pick up the box from your local customs!


What does "Status" mean?

in stock- the model is in hand and ready to ship instantly within a few days.

orderable  - the model is available for purchase, but I am currently wating for new castings to arrive. it may take a few weeks until your resin is ready to ship.

pre-order - the original model is still in the process of being moulded and casted. It will take a few months until the first castings are ready to ship. Customers you purchase a model on pre-order are offered to purchase their copy at a lower price and will receive it sooner than all other customers.

How long does my package take to arrive?

As soon as your package is shipped, it usally takes about 1-4 weeks to arrive.

Depending on your destination it may take only 1 weeks within the EU or longer, if it needs to pass the customs.

Usally packages to the US take about 1,5 to 3 weeks to arrive.

What does custom duties mean and why do I have to pay them?

International shipments always need to pass the customs, which apply taxes for all imported items. These import duties vary from 5% up to 25% of the item's value, depending on your country. I have no influence on these taxes. Sometime you may even have to pick up your package at your local custom!

My package is stuck in customs - what can I do?

Sometimes packages are stuck in customs for 1-2 weeks. This is quite normal, especially for packages sent to the US. However, if the tracking status of your package does not progress after 2 weeks, please contact me and I will try to figure out where your packages is at the moment.

My model arrived broken - will I get a refund?

If you receive a broken model, please contact me instantly within 5 days after haveing received the package.  Please send photos of the broken model and the box. I will send a refund within 14 days then.

Please note: It is absolutley necessary that you inform me and send photos within 5 days, if you would like to get the refund! The german post office is quite strictly, if it comes to claiming a compensation for damaged items. If you claim to late, you will get nothing at all.

I ordered a resin on "pre-order". The mold should be ready by now, but the status did not change yet - what does this mean?

Moulding a model and casting resins is quite complicated and takes a lot of time as well as a lot of money to finance it. In order to have the mold done quickly, the project needs to be refunded first. This may take longer than expected, depending on the amount of customers who decide for time-payments and don't pay in full.

The moulding process is very difficult and occasionally it may take a few more weeks than expected to finish the mold or cast the first resins due to delivery difficulties of the resin material and so on.

Usually the casting company is quite on time, but delays of up to 1-2 months are normal and no reason to become concerned. :)